Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Week Before Wedding----

 To make things go smooth and easy a week before the wedding be sure to have and do the following:

1. Get marriage license, and inform officiant that you have it and are ready to go

2. Understand the time needed for the ceremony itself, usually 30 minutes to do from music prelude to recessional. Let minister know any special requests needed in the ceremony and style of ceremony, religious or civil.

3. If you have readers be sure to let them know with copy of reading when they will be called on. And also let minister  know who, what, and when the reading is to be done.

4. Contact other people who need to know things like, location, caterer, musicians, etc. or have a planner or friend contact all parties.

 Communication is important so be sure to let people know you have the marriage license and are ready to be married. Read up on what documents you need to get a marriage license as laws change and some license offices are strict.

 If there is any problem or issue contact the minister who may have a solution.

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