Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding in Jackson Square, New Orleans

Wedding in Jackson Square, New Orleans. Photo by Kerry Maloney of Heirloom Collective:

How can I get married in Jackson Square?

 Contact the New Orleans Parks and Parkways Dept. Their phone number is 504-658-3200, or you can email them at To rent inside the park you need to complete a form and pay a fee.  You need to rent chairs if needed for a large wedding up to 200 people. No food or drink is allowed in park, just the ceremony. A small wedding at the gate is free to use. Reception, food, drinks, at any of several places adjacent to the park.
 Alternate spots for small elopements are the gates to the Square and Pirates Alley. The cafe in the alley has restrooms, tables, refreshments for a small elopement in the alley or we can walk to an available gate to the Square. Contact Chaplain Schwehm for elopements at the gate to the park. Email for details   See his web page at:

Gate on St. Peter St can be used for small weddings on a first come first serve basis. Schedule an appointment with Chaplain Schwehm to perform your elopement here. See for details. As many as 20 people can fit in this space or as few as you like. It is open and people do walk by but most stop to watch the wedding. Other more private spots are in the walk ways beside the church in Pirates Alley.

Gates St Peter St to Jackson Square

Chaplain Jerry Schwehm at gates to Jackson Square simple elopement.
 Elopement at gate to Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA. Photo by Kathleen Parker.

Short Video of area by Gate on St. Peter St, Jackson Square, French Quarter, New Orleans.

Location of New Orleans  Jackson Square

 Pirates Alley is the walk way next to the church. Several restaurants and cafes are on each corner of the Square.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding In City Park A Video

 You Tube video of wedding I did in City Park April 2013 for John and Sharon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Photography at Weddings

 I work with many photographers as I do a lot of weddings. Kelli Summerford e-mailed me a few photos from several weddings we did together. She has more on her web page at: go take a look at what she does with her camera. Or just look at the below photographs she e-mailed me.