Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How, Who, Why of Wedding Rehearsals

This discussion is about who, what, where of a wedding rehearsal.  The wedding rehearsal is for the participants to know what to do. Generally  the wedding rehearsal is a day or two before the actual wedding in the afternoon as not to conflict with other weddings being held. It is attended by the wedding party. The wedding party are the immediate family, attendants, and bride and groom. It is conducted by the coordinator or staff of the venue generally at the spot the wedding occurs. The wedding party also may go after to a rehearsal dinner. The wedding Minister is generally not needed if they are well versed in weddings and the ceremony is selected before the wedding day. Some musicians may attend but usually they too are well prepared and they charge to be there so having only those needed saves expenses.

Most weddings do not need a rehearsal depending on how large it is. All rental halls have a staff person who schedules and conducts a walk through. That is the person to contact and talk over when and how the rehearsal is to be conducted. When a couple contacts a person to participate they need to discuss with them what is expected. Think about how many attendants and realize the more you have the more rehearsal it takes. Small weddings a walk though can be done right before the ceremony. There are many web pages with info on who walks when and who sits where. Reading over those before the selection of attendants help you plan before you ask people to be attendants. Wedding planners are well versed on what is needed for big weddings and may be needed to help you plan. Small weddings a friend who has done weddings may be helpful to discuss things with.

Advance preparation by reading up on rehearsals, processional, and recessional is best before asking someone to be an attendant. Usually best man, and maid of honor is all that is necessary with ushers to seat people. Plan out in your mind who stands with whom. Who seats who, when, where. What children will participate and realize kids may wander off. keeping things simple is best. All wedding halls have a system they follow for each wedding and they use that program for the rehearsal. More or less a package system they follow for each wedding.

More details can be found by doing a search on the web like this planning page at Martha Stewart: . 
With a chart for standing:

Realize it is your wedding and follow a plan you like best.

Here is a nice web page with outlines on wedding planning. Online Marriage Preparation