Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Secret to Affordable Weddings

Chaplain Jerry Schwehm at  New Orleans Pirates Alley elopement.

  For over 20 years I have done many weddings in the large New Orleans Metro area. I am often contacted by couples on a budget wanting to be married simply in a beautiful spot without a large expense. For an elopement of less than 12 people attending, several beautiful public spots are available for free to use. A marriage license is less then $30, a free location, several witnesses in a public park runs less then $300. A lot better then an office setting where an elopement may be a little less but also a lot less romantic. Cheap, budget, affordable, whatever you want to call it a simple elopement under $300 in a beautiful location saves the couple a lot of money and a lot of planning.
 Over the many years of doing weddings I have found several beautiful locations around New Orleans that we can meet and do a small wedding. I have pictures on my web page with instructions how to get a license and how to book me to meet you to perform a wedding ceremony. Stop in my weddings web page at and see some of the pictures. E-mail me for further details.

Chaplain Schwehm, elopement  in City Park, New Orleans

 I can assist you in locating an officiant in most any city in the USA. I am the President and Moderator of a nation wide group of wedding officiants.

Chaplain JK Schwehm
New Orleans
Wedding Officiant
President American Association of Wedding Officiants

Chaplain Jerry Schwehm at Simple elopement in the French Quarter. Photo by Kathleen Parker.