Friday, April 18, 2014

Association of Independent Churches

 Fig Street Ministry is a founding member of the Association of Independent Churches. The National Council of Churches studied independent churches in the USA with and effort to share the authority for churches to exist in our community. Many churches are founded by independent, non affiliated ministers to be interfaith and open in the community to all who care to visit or need assistance in cultural passages in life. The Association of Independent Churches organized to give support and guidance to those smaller non aligned interfaith churches in America. Any church seeking recognition can join and receive a certification, welcome, and by laws. To join see and the group message board at


"from the National Council of Churches,

The Authority of the Church in the WorldINTRODUCTION Juliana M. Mecera[1] In the year 2000, the Faith and Order Commission of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA commenced a study group to focus on “The Authority of the Church in the World.” In line with the Faith and Order mission “to call the churches to the goal of visible unity…and to advance toward that unity that the world may believe,”[2] the study group’s goal was to develop an understanding of 1) what the churches commonly believe about the authority of the Church in the world, and 2) how the churches can more effectively witness to Christ in the world today.  The document that resulted after 8 years of work, “The Authority of the Church in the World,” is available on the NCC website.[3]   "