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Documents Needed For Louisiana Marriage License

 Below is information from the State of Louisiana to get a marriage license. Be sure to read this and have all the necessary documents as the law has changed and they made it more difficult. You can contact the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court as they have a phone and email contact on their web page and are very helpful. Some states like Texas allow you to bring a marriage license with you if you get it early enough. Check with your state for its rules

 Link: Clerk of Court Contact information

Quote from Texas state web page:

Can I use my Texas marriage license to get married in another state?
A marriage license issued in the State of Texas can be used for ceremonies in other States. Please contact your out-of-state officiate before applying for a State of Texas marriage license. Please keep in mind your license will only be recorded in the County and State in which you applied


The Orleans Parish Marriage License Office is located at Benson Tower, 1450 Poydras Street, Suite 407, in downtown New Orleans. Licenses are issued between 8:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding state holidays). The licenses are valid in any parish in the State of Louisiana.
Orleans Parish Marriage Licenses may also be purchased at the Second City Court of New Orleans in the Historic Algiers Courthouse at 225 Morgan Street in Algiers. Licenses are issued between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding state holidays).
In order to apply for a marriage license, both parties must be present and present all required documents. If a party is absent, the application will only be accepted if their signature on the application has been separately notarized. If the absent party is a member of the US armed forces, a copy of a military ID can be accepted in lieu of a signature, but at least one party’s in-person signature is required to submit an application.
Applicants must present the following:
1. A current driver's license, current state ID or passport.
2. A certified birth certificate or a certified birth card for both parties (no photocopies accepted). A certified translation must be attached, if the birth certificate is not in English. If not born in the US or a US territory, the applicant(s) must also present a valid, unexpired passport or a valid, unexpired visa with attached I-94 form.
3. Both applicants must provide their Social Security numbers if born in the United States. If not born in the US or a US territory, the applicant(s) must present a valid passport from their country of birth or a visa with attached I-94 form.
4. If either party has been divorced, the individual must provide a certified copy of the final divorce decree. A widow or widower must provide a certified copy the death certificate of the former spouse when they apply for a license to marry.
5. Fees of $27.50 payable by cash, check, or money order only (non-refundable), plus $5 for each certified copy of the marriage certificate desired by the customer. CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR PAYMENT.
An Application to Obtain an Orleans Parish Marriage License is available and may be completed by the parties prior to applying in person.
72-Hour Waiting Period
A 72-hour waiting period is required by law between the time of issuance of the license and the ceremony.
Judges of the First or Second City Courts are authorized by law to waive the waiting period for Louisiana residents and they can do this during their Monday-Friday hours of operation ONLY.
If both parties reside outside of Louisiana and the services will occur in Orleans parish AND be performed by a registered Orleans officiant, that officiant can waive this waiting period.
The waiver must be attached to the completed marriage certificate when it is returned to Vital Records.
Marriage under the age of 18
Marriage under the age of eighteen (18) is prohibited by law, except as follows: Applicants over the age of sixteen (16) but less than eighteen (18) must have the signed consent of both parents, or an order from a Judge of Juvenile Court. Females under sixteen (16) will be issued a license ONLY upon the written order of the Juvenile Court Judge.
Expiration of Marriage License
A marriage license expires and becomes invalid at midnight thirty (30) days after the date of issuance. If the service is postponed beyond the expiration date, you must return the expired license and purchase a new one. 
Certified Copies of the Marriage Certificate 
You are encouraged to purchase one or more certified copies of your Marriage Certificate when you apply for your license. Certified copies of a Marriage Certificate cost $5.00 + a $.50 mailing charge per transaction.

 Link below to state Information Page:

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A Week Before Wedding----

 To make things go smooth and easy a week before the wedding be sure to have and do the following:

1. Get marriage license, and inform officiant that you have it and are ready to go

2. Understand the time needed for the ceremony itself, usually 30 minutes to do from music prelude to recessional. Let minister know any special requests needed in the ceremony and style of ceremony, religious or civil.

3. If you have readers be sure to let them know with copy of reading when they will be called on. And also let minister  know who, what, and when the reading is to be done.

4. Contact other people who need to know things like, location, caterer, musicians, etc. or have a planner or friend contact all parties.

 Communication is important so be sure to let people know you have the marriage license and are ready to be married. Read up on what documents you need to get a marriage license as laws change and some license offices are strict.

 If there is any problem or issue contact the minister who may have a solution.

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Elope To New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park’s many acres offer wedding couples a taste of the city’s history in its natural setting with old oak trees, bayous, bridges, and art. Once the site of Allard Plantation facing Bayou St. John, located at the intersection of Carrollton and City Park Avenues in the Mid-City area of New Orleans. Couples can reach City Park in the Red Streetcar on Canal St. that says "Canal to City Park". It may take 30 minutes from the French Quarter to City Park by streetcar so taxi cab is another option. It is best to visit the location you want to use in person to determine if it meets your needs. There are also many pictures on the web of the beautiful parks. The City Park Commission should be contacted for rental fees for large weddings that are held in beautiful pavilions in the park.
For a small weekend elopement or before a cruise departing from New Orleans there are other little out of the way places where a small wedding can take place. Lovely walkways, large oak trees, fountains, small bridges, gardens, and statues in public areas can be used if walk ways are not blocked and the ceremony is quick and simple. Most open public places are free for a small simple wedding but are first come first serve, therefore selecting alternate spot in the parks is recommended. By arriving early and walking through the area the couple and a small wedding party can choose a nice location to do a short ceremony in one of several park areas. Near Jackson Square, in Pirates Alley, at City Park, or along the river by Spanish Plaza are small spots for elopements. After 10 years of doing elopements in the various parks Chaplain JK Schwehm can assist by recommending a nice spot. If you desire a larger wedding and a reserved spot you can contact many places that rent out for weddings. To book Jerry Schwehm for a wedding you need toe-mail him date,time,location and mail a deposit to hold the day. See Booking Form and Policy page.

Google Map: Casino Building, now Morning Call Coffee Stand, Dreyfous Dr, City Park
Morning Call Map City Park

The Parkview Cafe is now the Morning Call Coffee Stand as of November 2012, picture below. Plenty of easy parking, rest room, and light food and coffee, available at a snack bar. Free WIFI too. Covered area in case of rain. The many oak trees and bayou is right behind this building.

Link to video of oak trees in park.

MAP To City Park

New Orleans Marriage License Information
It is possible to be married on the same day you get your license. Either the bride or groom before may obtain the license from the State Office of Vital Records at 1450 Poydras, New Orleans, or other Parish Clerks of Court offices before the ceremony is conducted. Identification is required along with authentic copies of birth certificates and any divorce judgments. In some cities there is a three-day waiting period. In New Orleans a Minister or Judge can waive the waiting period in writing for non-residents when good reasons exist. No medical tests are necessary. The license is good for 30 days. You must present the license to the person doing the ceremony in advance as it requires the officiant to complete some portions in black ink only. A ceremony must be conducted before 2 adult witnesses who also sign the certificates. The cost of the license is just under $30.00 paid to the State. For further information contact the office located near the City Hall: ORLEANS PARISH MARRIAGE LICENSE OFFICE The Orleans Parish Marriage License Office is at the Benson Towers near the Super Dome-- just a short drive from the French Quarter, Uptown, Garden District and the CBD. The phone number is
Another close to the French Quarter the Second City Court at 225 Morgan Street on the west bank in New Orleans. It is a nice ferry ride across the Mississippi River (pedestrians ride for free, automobiles only $1.00) from the Canal Street Ferry Landing,by River Wall MAll. It is a half city block to the court building with a clock tower. This office closes at 3:00PM, so arrive no later than 2:15PM. Phone number is (504) 368-4099 to verify times.Couples enjoy using this office as the ride on the ferry is fun and this office has waivers to correct any birth certificate or other issues.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Marriage licenses will not be issued on Saturdays, but you can obtain your marriage license in any Louisiana Parish as you drive into New Orleans.
  • Visitors can go to the Algiers Court House to get a license using the Canal St. Ferry.
  • 504-368-4099
  • Hours: 9 am - 3 pm Mon.- Fri
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Elopement at City Park.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Elopement at City Park under Tree of Life, Love, and Happiness. Many large oak trees along a bayou are available for weddings. Largest in the USA.
New Orleans Wedding Minister Information Jerry Kenneth Schwehm served as as Justice of the Peace in 1990 to 1994 in Slidell, La. and was ordained in 1989 as a Lay Minister after serving as Elder and Deacon in his church for many years. He has a BA and JD from Louisiana State University (1972) and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from a local Bible Church in 1990. He has performed numerous wedding ceremonies and is available in the Greater New Orleans area to perform your personalized marriage ceremony. He will go to your location or at his office in Fig House. He may be contacted at the below e-mail.
  • Fig Street Weddings
  • Fig Street Ministry, 117 No Solomon #D, New Orleans, La. 70119
  • 504/617-6359
There is a You Tube Video of a weddings in City PArk,
Elopement at Jackson Square.

MAP OF CITY PARK:  Tree of Life, Love, and Happiness

View Larger Map

    Elope to Pirates Alley New Orleans French Quarter

    Pirate's Alley New Orleans
                                              Jennifer Bishop Photography

    Pirates Alley and French Quarter Weddings
     Pirate's Alley, as many call it,  was originally named Orleans Alley but locals always called it Pirate Alley. Adjacent to Jackson Square on Chartres St. by the St. Louis Cathedral to the right. On the left, is the Cabildo (the Old Spanish Governor's Mansion), and directly behind the Cabildo was the Spanish Jail. 
    The alley is one block long, and extends from Chartres St. at Jackson Square to Royal St. Halfway down the alley, a lamppost marks its intersection by Cabildo Alley , which extends (the width of the Cabildo) to St. Peter St. near the Gumbo Shop. This is likely one of the most famous lampposts of the French Quarter, as it has been photographed and painted many times,  Many weddings are now performed under the several lampposts in the alleys. Several local restaurants are nearby for food service. The Gumbo Shop , and Muriels , and near The Court of Two Sisters are restaurants close to Pirates Alley. The Place D'Armes,and Bourbon Orleans Hotels are close.  If you want more information on getting married at Pirate's Alley, at the Gates to Jackson Square or in New Orleans there are links above and on the side of this page. There are several small areas by the alley free for small elopements.Like the gate to the Square on St Peter St. Pictures below. To contact Dr. Schwehm it is best to use e-mail as he may not be near a phone while performing weddings. Most small elopements can take place in the alley or at the gates to the Square for free. Jackson Square itself must be rented from the city.
      We can meet in front of the Cabildo or at the Pirates Alley Cafe in the alley by The Faulkner Book Store and pick a nice spot for the ceremony near Jackson Square. The owners of Pirate's Alley Cafe will allow use of the tables and chairs if you are a customer and purchase drinks. Travel Map to Pirates Alley Pirates Alley Map
    Pirates Alley Cafe Simple Elopement: Meet Dr. Schwehm at the Pirates Alley Lamp Post near Cabildo for a simple ceremony. Must bring a Louisiana Marriage License. Appointment made in advance with a deposit for services to be performed.No frills. The Alley is a walkway and cannot be blocked off so the ceremony must be short and small, not large with a lot of people. A basic simple elopement.

    Read about the first wedding in Pirates Alley and the Ghost that haunts there: Pirates Wedding
    Another view down Pirates Alley in the early morning before stores open.

    The Gates to Jackson Square are a short walk from Pirates Alley. The St. Peter St gates can also be used for small weddings ask for details. The Square itself must be rented from the city.
    Front gates to Jackson Square on Chatres St. Sometimes these are too crowded for an elopement. We check them out before the ceremony and use St Peter St if these are unavailable. Both spots are free to use for a small elopement.

    Gates To Square Video available on You Tube at 

    How to Elope To New Orleans

    Get Married  in 
    New Orleans 
    Plan a Unique Wedding In Historic New Orleans
    Elope To New Orleans

       For as low as $295.00 you can have a small inexpensive wedding in a beautiful location in the historic New Orleans French Quarter, or at several of New Orleans Public Parks. You can take a streetcar ride or carriage ride after your wedding to your reception or head out on a cruise ship through the Caribbean or Mexico. Save money on an inexpensive elopement ceremony in a free spot in a New Orleans park. E-mail for details. See the links below for info such as a photographer or other wedding day services. To help with your New Orleans unique wedding or a simple elopement please click and read these links then e-mail for details:
    1. New Orleans Weddings Information
    2. New Orleans Wedding Planning Links
    3. New Orleans Marriage License Information
    4. New Orleans Sample Wedding Ceremony
    5. New Orleans Wedding Rental Halls
    6. References for Chaplain Jerry Schwehm
    7. New Orleans Marriage License: Packet of Sample Forms
    8. Booking Policy and Fees
    9. Can I Have A Friend Perform The Wedding Ceremony?
    10. Elopements in French Quarter and Jackson Square

      Chaplain Jerry Kenneth Schwehm, a native of New Orleans,  served as as Justice of the Peace in 1990 to 1994 in  Slidell, La. and was ordained in 1989 as a Lay Minister after serving as Elder and Deacon in his church for many years. He has a BA and JD from Louisiana State University (1972) and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from a  local Bible Church in 1990. He has performed numerous wedding ceremonies over 20 years and is available in the Greater New Orleans area to perform your personalized marriage ceremony. He will go to your location or at his office or a nice park in New Orleans when available. Chaplain Schwehm is President and Moderator of the American Association of Wedding Officiants, a professional officants group.

    It is possible to have a quick one day elopement in New Orleans. Any registered Minister can waive the 72 hour delay for out of state visitors and perform a wedding immediately. You need to have a license, make an appointment to be married, and conduct a ceremony before 2 witnesses. All is based on availability of the Officiant who should be contacted in advance of getting the license. The license office is open weekdays only. Be sure to call and check with the license office for office hours. The Orleans Parish Marriage License Office is located at Benson Tower, 1450 Poydras Street, Suite 407, in downtown New Orleans. Licenses are issued between 8:15 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding state holidays). The licenses are valid in any parish in the State of Louisiana. Phone: 504/539-5116
    Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court and Second City Court in Algiers is also a license office. You must have certified copies of certain documents, be sure to read the state license page and bring with you the proper certified copies. Check the office hours of the office you plan on going to.

    New Orleans Wedding- Fig Street Ministry Booking

      The below form must be emailed so we can check availability to do your wedding.

    Contact Information
      Courtesy dictates that you contact the Minister about changes or cancellations and  keep him well informed as to your plans.Phone, 504/617-6359, e-mail A booking information form is provided below to let him know how to contact the couple if necessary. Either cut and paste this form into your e-mail or print it out then mail the info in. Please be sure he has your phone number and contact information as soon as possible in case of changes and questions. Until this information is received the wedding is not booked or placed on the calendar.

    Associate Ministers
     Fig Street Wedding Ministry has several Associate Ministers that can assist on dates Dr. Schwehm is not open. All have assisted in other areas of Fig Street Ministries and are currently registered to perform marriages in Louisiana. If Dr. Schwehm for some reason due to accident or illness cannot make a scheduled appointment one of them will be there. He will arrange for them to help out when necessary.

    Dr. Jerry K. Schwehm
    HOME:65115 Highway 41, Pearl River, LA 70452
    OFFICE:117 No Solomon St New Orleans, LA 70119
    Tel: 504-617-6359

    Booking Form Information
    (Cut and Paste In E-mail)

    Wedding Day: __________ Date_________ Time_______________

    Call and confirm the week before.504/617-6359


    COUPLE’S NAMES: _______________________________________________
    Address: ________________________________________________________
    Contact Info: Home Phone________________________Local Phone: ____________
    Minister to Attend Rehearsal: Yes_______No______Date_________________
    Rehearsal Location __________________Date and Time _____________
    Address: ______________________ Phone._______________________

    CEREMONY TYPE: Religious: ____ Spiritual: ______________Civil__________:
    CEREMONY READINGS: _________________________________________ Vows___________________________________________________________
    Special Requests

    Estimated Fees: _______Deposit Paid_________ Due:_________
    Service provided upon payment in advance only. I understand that if services are cancelled, deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE. Fees are based upon amount of service time and services provided. Arrangement to pay all fees must be before ceremony. No deposit or agreement received no services rendered. Must call and confirm the week before. Read and follow above booking policy.
    Total Fees: _________Deposit Paid__________(Minimum deposit: $50) Balance Due: ___________

    Click here to down load copy of above form:
    Click here for the form in .pdf.
    Here is copy in .doc FORMAT: Click here for the form in .doc (edit in WORD)

    Pay Pal link. Be sure to add date, time, location and who the deposit is for.
    Add Date, time, place

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    American Association of Wedding Officiants Members

     The American Association of Wedding Officiants is a group of wedding officiants throughout the USA. If you are looking for a wedding officiant to help with your wedding ceremony see the below link for members by state.

    Officiants by State, AAWO