Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Orleans Wedding Chapel

 Looking for a place to get married and spend a night or week in New Orleans? Read over the soon to open Mid City Art Studio in New Orleans at this link- Mid City Weddings

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

City Park Bridge, New Orleans Elopements

City Park Bridge, New Orleans Posters

City Park Bridge, New Orleans print
City Park Bridge, New Orleans by figstreetstudio
View other art by artist JK Schwehm

Growing up in New Orleans is full of memories of parks and places I played. City Park is big and a beautiful place. The WPA added bridges, walks, statues, fountains, and shelters there. The craftsmen who worked were all old world trained and it shows in their workmanship. This bridge and several smaller ones is made of stone. A rare commodity in my city. As a child we walked over  it, fished from it, took pictures on it, kissed on it and later got married on it. All part of the fabric of New Orleans. I do a lot of weddings in the park and this is one of the spots.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Orleans Water Meter Cover Believe Shirts from

New Orleans Water Meter Cover Believe Shirts from

New Orleans Football Fans, "Believe" on water meter shirts. The best football fans support their local community and local small business.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Easy To Elope Call Fig Street Weddings

Chaplain Jerry Schwehm
Fig Street Weddings
Elope To New Orleans

New Orleans Wedding Chapel

New Orleans Wedding Chapel

Here is some information about getting married quickly for $75 in the New Orleans Area. Click link or picture above for details.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Funky Weddings: St. Tammany Trace

  The St. Tammany Trace is a long active park across the lake from New Orleans. It is used by hikers, joggers, bike riders, and other people for exercise and to get out side and have fun. Why not get married there? Ask your hiking or biking friends to gather, obey the posted rule, arrange for an officiant, have a  marriage license and enjoy a unique elopement across the lake. See more on the St Tammany Trace here and more on weddings here
 A fine spot to start is at the Abita Springs entry next to the Abita Brew Pub, refreshments are near. See more about Abita Springs here

Trace Rules

Sunrise to Sunset
Use during closed hours is strictly prohibited
Trace Rangers, who ensure the safety of all Trace users, are available to answer questions and be of assistance on the Trace daily from sunrise to sunset. Rangers have the only authorized use of motorized vehicles on the Trace.
1. Roller Bladders yield to Cyclists
3. Joggers yield to Walkers
2. Cyclists yield to Joggers
4. Walkers yield to Horse
  • Stay on the appropriately marked designated trails.

  • Stay out of drainage ditches and other such structures not constructed for recreational use.

  • Pedestrians should stay on the right, along each side of the trail.

  • Slower traffic should stay to the right in each direction.

  • Passing traffic should notify slower traffic that they are passing by voice, horn or bell.

  • Submit horses to a Coggins test (required for all horses on the Trace).

  • On the main trail, keep horses at a walk in the area designated for horses.

  • Wear safety equipment: helmets, kneepads, elbow and wrist guards are required for roller bladders.
        Helmets for cyclists and horsemen are strongly recommended.

  • St. Tammany Parish is not responsible for injuries or improper or unsafe use of Tammany Trace

  • Obey all federal, state, and local traffic signs and laws.

  • Park only in designated areas.

  • Bring or walk pets

  • Exceed the 20mph speed limit

  • Trespass on private property

  • Disturb plant vegetation

  • Handle or feed wildlife

  • Carry or discharge firearms or fireworks

  • Drive any motorized or electric vehicles, such as ATVs, scooters, dirt bikes and go karts

  • Bring or use alcohol or controlled substances

  • Possess glass containers

  • Erect unauthorized structure

  • Swim, wade or dive

  • Start fires

  • Hunt

  • Litter

  • Camp

  • Race

  • Solicit

  • Lisa Pratt Maddox, Director
    Tammany Trace
    21490 Koop Drive    Mandeville, LA 70471
    985-867-9490    Fax: 985-871-6971

    Funky Weddings: Bike Night Nuptials

      Many places have bike nights where motorcycle enthusiasts gather to talk, meet, and make friends. If you and your significant other plan to elope ask at bike night if you can show up one night with the preacher and do a marriage ceremony. It is easy. Get a license, permission from the establishment, notify the group and wedding officiant when and let it happen. No bike night near you ask at the local motorcycle sales place. Ride motor scooters? Try the  scooter club group or ask at the scooter sales business if you can get married on their sales floor. Great publicity for the sales place and a fun funky wedding.