Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Wedding Kiss and Free Photos

The Wedding Kiss and Free Photos

In western culture the wedding ceremony ends with The Kiss, but we should consider planning the wedding with a KISS. Keeping things simple makes the celebration go well and saves money. Lots of things done today are from times past and no longer apply. Just about everyone carries a cell phone with a camera and will snap many photos of your day. Creating a special email address and Flickr account will allow family and friends to share with you the many photos they take at your wedding. Yahoo allows you to have a free email account and a link to the Flickr account associated with it. Email that in a notice to your family and friends and ask them to share those photos with you and you can then store them on Flickr free. You have the ability to have photos made, greeting cards, thank you notes all from the photos shared with you in this manner. Gmail  and Microsoft also allows some photo storage on their free cloud service. Choose the service you like for your wedding day photos and special email account. Sample "BenandAmysWeddingDay@emaill account". Share with all guests to email you the pictures. You never know what gem of a photo someone has of your day until you see it.

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