Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Irish Cultural Museum: The Boatman's Ghost

The Boatman's Ghost

I did my first wedding ceremony recently in the new Irish Cultural Museum at 933 Conti St, French Quarter, New Orleans. It has a beautiful patio with all the modern conveniences. A sound and light system,  and a cover that can go over the patio if weather is wet. While speaking with the manager I learned it was once the spot where New Orleans Philanthropist John McDonogh lived. And interestingly a ghost seems to visit the gate early each morning. Seems Mr. McDonogh had a boatman that would pick him up and row him across the river to his plantation there. He liked to travel when he wanted and not wait for the then ferry. The ghost boatman is said to stop by to ask for his pay as it is well known Mr McDonogh kept a lot more money in his pocket then he spent. But thanks to his will New Orleans and Baltimore schools got a windfall with his passing. I am never sure about all the ghosts in the Quarter but I can say this when I am there I see and hear a lot of strange things so I would not doubt if you stop by the gate to 933 Conti right before sun up you would see and hear things there like nowhere else.
Here is their web page with more pictures and details.

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