Sunday, December 30, 2012

Photos At Weddings Are Important

Having photos of your wedding whether it is a small elopement or elaborate affair in a large venue is important. Years later looking at the photos evokes memories of the day that is most likely the most emotional and fun time of your life. In an effort to learn more and to find unique photos I can recommend to couples, I searched through Google. To my amazement I found that some photographers seem to have fetishes  Like the above shoe photo. The recommended photo of the day in the article was of the shoes. Personally I think a shoe photo is fine in a shoe catalog but a wedding album? I discovered a large selection of ideas ranging from pictures of food, to sky, and other things to me not related to a wedding. So my lesson is be sure the photographer realizes it is a wedding album and not a flash photo contest of apparel.
 It reminded me of once I asked a photographer to send me a photo of a wedding I did. I put them in my blog. What I got was a picture of me holding a baby? No wedding ceremony, no bride or groom. Some child at the wedding I held for a moment. Nothing to do with a wedding at all. So it never made it to my blog. Select a photographer who does what you want, wedding pictures. Talk with them before so they understand it is a wedding album not a contest of cool shoe pictures.

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