Thursday, November 22, 2012

History of the Wedding Ring

 " With This Ring I Thee Wed !"


 Gold was made into rings to wear and use as currency back in history. Many gold rings signify wealth and prosperity. Gold wedding bands evolved from the golden rings made for currency in antiquity. Today the circle wedding band signifies eternity  and a promise to be together forever. Gold or other metal signifies strength of the vows made. Some engrave the inside with name, initials, or dates. Tradition has it that, the wedding ring forms the last in a series of gifts, beginning with the engagement ring. This dates back to ancient times.

 Gold and other precious metals were a sign of wealth and the giving of a gold ring to the bride signified the trust the groom has in his wife. It is said the "ring finger" has a vein that goes directly to the heat so the ring signals love to the one given. The wedding vows are the important part of the wedding ceremony but in modern times bride and groom exchange wedding bands as part of the ceremony. The double ring ceremony came into fashion after WWII.

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