Monday, March 7, 2011

Have A Pirate Parody Wedding in Pirates Alley New Orleans

Like to dress up like a pirate? Want to marry your true love? Get married in Pirate's Alley New Orleans. We do weddings there and yes people dress like pirates. For more details and the story of the ghost in Pirates Alley see this link-

Simple Elopement: Meet Dr. Schwehm at the Pirates Alley Lamp Post near the Cabildo for a simple pirate ceremony. Must bring a Louisiana Marriage License. No frills. The Alley is a walkway and cannot be blocked off so the ceremony must be short and small, not large with a lot of people.

Read about the first wedding in Pirates Alley and the Ghost that haunts there: Pirates Wedding

 Dress and talk like a pirate for the wedding day.

Added feature to practice for your vows: How To Talk Pirate

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