Friday, August 13, 2010

Questions to ask about your wedding Officiant.

Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant Before You Book The Wedding

Are you registered to perform weddings in my location?
How long have you officiated weddings?
About how many weddings you do per year?
What training have you had?
Will you go to my location to do a ceremony?
What type of ceremonies will you perform?
What are your rules as to photography ?
Is pre-marital counseling required?
Do you have ceremony samples?
What are the fees charged?

If it is possible see the officiant performing another wedding. Ask if they are members of any religious or professional organization, like the American Association of Wedding Officiants.. Some officiants have no formal training but just got ordained on the web to perform weddings. Be selective and get references if possible. Be sure to know if who you contact is an officiant in your state and not a referral agency who sends your request to an officiant for a fee.

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