Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Fig Street Weddings: Booking Form

 Below is the booking form that can be cut and pasted into an email. And a link to a PDF file that can be downloaded.


Pay To: Jerry  Schwehm

 Mail to Home Office Address: 65115 Hwy 41, Pearl River, LA 70452 Tel: 504-302-8711  Or Use Pay Pal

                                     Booking Form

  Wedding Day: _________________ Date _______________ Time __________ PLACE

_______________________________ Address_____________________________

COUPLE’S NAMES: _______________________________________________ Home Address:  ______________________________________________________________ Contact Info: Cell:  ________________________Local Phone: ____________ Best Phone To Reach You___________________________________________   CEREMONY TYPE: Religious: ____ Spiritual: _________Civil__________: CEREMONY READINGS: _________________________________________  Special Requests       PARTIES MUST SECURE A LICENSE FROM STATE BEFORE CEREMONY PERFORMED Service provided upon payment in advance only. I understand that if services are cancelled, deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE. Fees are based upon amount of service time and services provided. Arrangement to pay all fees must be before ceremony. Signed agreement must be received along with required deposit or no services provided.

Total Fees: _________Deposit Paid___________ Balance Due: __________________

SIGNATURE OF RESPONSIBLE PARTY:_____________________ DATE: .__________


Pay Pal to ​jerryschwehm@gmail.com​   http://www.paypal.com/

Click here to down load copy of above form:
Click here for the form in .pdf.
 Here is copy in .doc FORMAT: Click here for the form in .doc (edit in WORD)

 Be sure to mail to 65115 Hwy 41, Pearl River, LA 70452 or use Pay Pal, www.paypal.com

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